Thursday, August 7, 2008

Workout to Reduce Breast Cancer

Recently actress Christina Applegate was diagnosed with breast cancer. It seems like just yesterday she was playing a ditzy teenager on the shock comedy, Married with Children. Ms. Applegate's diagnosis is now a shocking reminder that breast cancer can strike even women who appear fit and healthy.

But if you want to reduce your risk, Canadian and Australian researchers have some recommendations. These scientists recently reviewed 62 research studies, and found that increased physical activity in women was associated with a 25–30% decreased risk of breast cancer.

British Journal of Sports Medicine 2008;42:636-647 Physical activity and breast cancer risk: impact of timing, type and dose of activity and population subgroup effects

In addition, more exercise was associated with an even greater reduction in 85% of the exercise studies examined. The scientists recommend staying as active as possible, even if it is just recreational activities such as walking. And it is never too late to take up exercise to help reduce your risk of breast cancer.


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