Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fruits & Vegetables Diet for Fat Loss

I'm not a "low-carb guy" by any means, but I have found something that works wonders for fat loss. And it does involve cutting back on whole-grains.

Back in December, I substituted more fruits and vegetables for any whole-grains in my diet, and I was as lean as I've been in years with this approach. So if you're trying to lose fat and look better than ever this summer, try this approach.

Here are some easy changes to make.

a) Instead of having toast for breakfast, have an apple.

b) Usually have a side of rice at lunch? Have 1 cup of broccoli.

c) Typically have a bowl of cereal at night? Have an orange and an ounce of pecans (or walnuts or almonds), instead.

A recent study agrees with this approach. Subjects on a low-fat diet that ate more fruits and vegetables lost more fat than another group on only the low-fat diet.

After 1-year, the low-fat, fruits and vegetables group (LF-FV) lost more weight than another group of woman on the low-fat (LF) diet only.


The LF-FV group reported being less hungry, thanks to being able to eat more food than the LF group.

So you'll eat fewer calories if you are filling up on fruits and vegetables, 5while keeping un-necessary fat out of the diet.

And isn't the end of summer a great time to implement this program? With watermelon, berries, apples, and peaches all in great abundance, you can satisfy your sweet tooth naturally, while burning fat with your workouts.

here's the reference: Amer. J. Clin. Nutr. 85: 1465-1477, 2007.)

So forget about fruit making you fat (so far today I've had 5 bananas, 3 apples, 2 apricots, and a 1/2 cup of strawberries...and I'm still under 10% body fat).

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Go out and get your 6 pack abs while eating well,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS


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