Sunday, November 23, 2008

#1 Way to Stick to Your Diet

The #1 way to stick to your diet is going to sound strange, but all I can say is trust me on this one.

There's a popular new "social networking" website that I've started using called, At first glance, it looks as dumb as it sounds, but after spending a bit of time on it, I realized this could be the best way to help my clients stay accountable to others, and that's the key when it comes to the #1 way to stick to your diet.

No one likes to disappoint others, or look bad in their eyes. So when we say we're going to stick to a diet, AND we're going to post every meal that we eat on the Internet, it makes us accountable and motivates us to stick to our goals.

Personally, I use to post all of my meals, snacks, and nutrition tips over the course of the day, and I encourage all of my clients to do the same.

It's really simple. You just sign up for an account, and then you can post whatever you want, but you are limited to 140 characters. Some folks call this micro-blogging, and most folks on use it for business networking, but we're going to use it for social support for fat loss by being held accountable for our dietary decisions.

To get started, simply go to and sign up for your free account. Then you can search for people to "follow" to see their updates and other people will "follow" you to see your updates.

Of course, you don't need twitter to be accountable to someone. You can write down your daily food journal for your trainer, post your meals on a weight loss message board, or simply buddy-up with a friend and check in every day. But is a quick way to do it online.

If you promise others that you are going to lose weight, and you promise to report the contents of every meal, then you'll think twice about cheating on your diet if you know you have to tell the world about your meals.

What started out as me sharing my diet for my reader's interest has turned into an excellent way to help me avoid cheating on my diet. Frankly, I can get away with straying from my diet more than the average person can, but if I know I have to tell my readers what I had for lunch, I've found that I'm improving my diet even more.

For many people, being ACCOUNTABLE to others is their #1 way to stay motivated and on-track with their diet and exercise program.

That's the #1 way to stick to your diet,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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Brian Neitsch said...

I am totally going to do that starting today!! thanks

ozzyaaron said...

This is an excellent idea!
I had to keep a mental diary for a while and it was annoying to have a piece of paper so I created another twitter account *_mind and now I created another account *_health where I can post my workouts and diet.

I have a few widgets on my Mac now so I can easily post to whichever twitter account I want, and read my latest friends stuff.

You don't need multiple email accounts if you're using gmail either. You just use your original email username and put a +whatever into it..

So I have *, * which gmail will still direct to your original gmail address but now you can tag them specially.